Herôme Nail Hardener X-Strong

10 ml


Herôme Nail Hardener Extra Strong is useful for very weak and splitting nails. After 14 days this product can be followed by Hêrome Nail Hardener Soft or Herôme Multi Nail Cover. This way you make sure your hardened nails remain this way.
Suitable for every type of nail.
This product is Toluene and TFS-resin free


A cure with Herôme Nail Hardener Extra Strong lasts for 14 days.
Day 1: Apply one layer of hardener.
Day 2: Apply a second layer hardener.
Day 3: Remove both layers with Herôme Nail Polish Remover and add a new layer of hardener.
Day 4: Apply a second layer of hardener
Day 5-14: Keep repeating...
The first few hours after applying the hardener, don't wash your hands with soap as this will have a negative effect on the active substances in the hardener.

Effetti collaterali

Contains formaldehyde.


Strongly advised not to do more than 4 cures (14 days each) a year.

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