Eucerin UreaRepair Plus Repairing Foot Cream 10% Urea

100 ml


Urea Eucerin Recovering Foot Cream: Replenishing care for dry, extremely dry, rough and scaly feet with bunions, cracks and pressure marks. The rapid-absorption of oil-in-water emulsion protects the skin and prevents further water loss.

The condition of the skin is noticeably better, the skin feels softer and smoother. For the care of the feet in diabetes, atopic eczema and psoriasis.

- Relaxes and softens the skin of dry, rough feet.
- Restores cracked heels
- Prevents the formation of pavements and calluses.
- Thanks to the lightweight and non-oily texture attracts the cream into the skin quickly.
- Ideal for daily foot care of diabetics.
- Fragrance.
- Without parabens.


Apply the cream in the morning and evening on cleaned and dry feet. Gently massage into the skin, especially the heels.

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