Elmex Toothpaste Sensitive

75 ml


Elmex Sensitive toothpaste cleans sensitive teeth and exposed tooth necks particularly soft. The unique amine fluoride forms a protective layer around the root surfaces and protect as effectively against painful stimuli and cervical caries.

Functioning The highly effective amine fluoride forms a protective layer around the root surfaces so that the teeth become less sensitive to painful stimuli from the outside. The low abrasive toothpaste cleans value in all the softness and provides the exposed tooth necks.


  • Is ideal for exposed tooth necks and sensitive teeth.
  • Protects sensitive teeth and helps prevent tooth neck caries.


Use with children six years or less, not more toothpaste than the size of a pea. Make sure they minimize swallowing toothpaste. Consult a dentist or doctor if your child uses other forms of fluorideineor.


Contains Aminofluoride (1400 ppm. Fluor), Kaliumhydroxide.

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